Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why was the name Dutchento not used for this initiative?

Unfortunately, Dutchento is a trade name of a commercial company and adopting this name involved costs that we as a non-profit organization could not afford. This is a disadvantage, because we have to start building a name from scratch. But it is also an advantage: Because Mage-OS Netherlands is not the same as Dutchento.

Why from Dutchento Slack to Mage-OS Discord?

The Dutchento company owns the Slack space. In addition, this Slack space went from being a community platform to a source of information to a place of silence. By transferring the chat to a new place we have our hands free. And with Discord there is a fresh start.

How does Mage-OS Netherlands get its money?

This will have to be decided during a members meeting. If you are not yet a member, register for free and join the conversation.

Couldn't Mage-OS Netherlands have simply fallen under the Mage-OS association?

Yes and no. Mage-OS worldwide falls under a Polish association due to reasons. But with Mage-OS Netherlands we want to be able to organize events independently of the rest of the world, arrange finances (such as sponsors who want to operate specifically in the Dutch market) and make decisions freely for Dutch business. An independent Dutch association was therefore the simplest solution and hardly costs any money. All this does mean that Mage-OS Netherlands works closely with Mage-OS worldwide. We have the same goal: Facilitating the Magento Open Source community.