Become a member of Mage-OS Netherlands

Mage-OS Netherlands is an association with members. To become a member you can register via the link below. A contribution is required: 10 Euro per year - not much, but we can use it.

Why become a member?

  • You help the community organize fun events and non-profit activities;
  • You can participate in member meetings and thus help decide what happens in the Dutch Magento community;

How can I register here?

You register yourself using the form below. After entering a valid email address, you will be redirected to a Bunq payment page. You can transfer the contribution of 10 Euro there. You are officially a member from the moment we have received your payment and linked it to your email address. You will automatically receive a message about this.

Pay now to become a member

Manual transfer

Instead of a direct online payment, you can also opt for a manual transfer: Transfer the contribution money to bank account NL46BUNQ2086399979 in the name of Mage-OS Nederland and state your full name in the description and email address.

Sign up for sponsorship

We are also looking for sponsors. Sponsorship packages are still being worked on. If you are already interested, please send an email to [](mailto: